Case Studies

Ensuring beverage quality, globally

Invested in a business when it was 18 months old and participated in Board and operational roles. This company is now the world leader in protecting brand values of global beverages. It is based in the UK and has a multicultural team who travel the world speaking more than 16 languages, serving more than 4000 customers in over 160 countries. Along the way this business has been the proud recipient of 3 Queens Awards. By working  in the Board we are part of a team setting the strategies and determining the policies for continued sustained growth in this specialist field.    

Start-Up of Environment-friendly Packaging for the Global Chemicals Industry

In recognising the growing need for industries to be more enviromentally responsible we invested in a new business to source and supply returnable, refillable, traceable packaging systems for hazardous chemical industries mainly throughout Europe and developing markets. Through chairing a small international Board we have profitably steered this niche business despite the fluctuating commitment of industry to reduce packaging waste. We know capital equipment businesses such as this require a thorough understanding of the long sales lead times and need for patience in recovering investment in new products.

Start-Up of Accounting and Advisory Services for Small Businesses

After successfully running a number of businesses ourselves it became clear that others in a similar situation might welcome an accountancy service which was not only strong on accurate financial information but able to communicate this in practical and realistic terms of what a business owner needs to do in order to be more successful.  In chairing the Board since its inception we have ensured a balance of Director skills (ie not all Accounting based ) that make this accountancy business positively different from conventional practices.

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Start-Up of Office and Administration Services for Small Businesses

The challenge to make it easier for small businesses to run with the resources of larger ones has led to the formation of business centres with a difference – instead of just managed or serviced offices we have chaired a Company which provides additional extensive business services on a pay as you use basis. Pioneering such new ideas has required us to build a team with a clear mid-term business plan that is not just deviated by annual results. Customer service understanding has been paramount beginning within the Board and reflected through the organisation. Such businesses can be asset hungry so chairing a Board that has a firm financial grip is key.

Re-structure of Industrial Door Distributor

Assisting overseas businesses that have UK offices has required us to fulfil interim MD roles such as restructuring a wholly owned subsidiary into becoming an independent distributor. In this case there were major people changes to make within the organisation whilst fulfilling significant outstanding customer contracts. The ability to quickly assess the structural and financial actions needed to steer the business back on course enabled the parent company to maintain its customer base in the market.

Making Relationships Work

Exposure and involvement in other family and/or friendship based businesses together with the experience of our own has given us a wealth of knowledge. Whether it has been assisting brothers to recognise the benefit of formally defining their mutual business relationship or assisting equal partners on how to avoid potential deadlock or stalemate, we have been able to add value in a number of ways. Observing generation changes in family businesses led to us defining some simple charters to serve as transition guidelines. Running small but professional Boards in such businesses has greatly assisted continuity during periods of personnel instability.

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