Our Partners

The current Sanderum partners are Mike & Richard Boughton.

Richard Boughton

Richard Boughton

Richard can help your business:

by working internationally, across industries, with businesses of varying shapes and sizes

Whether it’s a multinational or small business, I am able to help with the formulation of a realistic Business Plan.  With larger businesses the plan is needed for focus of departmental activity, communication and buy-in, whilst with the smaller operator it is required to help keep the business on track.

by bringing competing forces together to work in synergy

There are few business situations where it is not possible to develop a common agenda and shared goals between different/competing groups.  

As meeting Chair, I apply good listening skills, identify converging purposes and ensure comprehensive charting of points to help participants to engage whilst ensuring the business needs are met.

by varying my operating style

There are times when a tough stance is needed to bring a business back in line quickly.  Hands-on management can achieve rapid results and this style of leadership is often welcomed in difficult trading periods.

However, when long-term sustainable growth is required, I follow a more supportive, hands-off style which builds people’s skills and motivation to succeed.

by developing a person’s ability to do the job in hand

For development of senior roles it is necessary to have open relationships regarding mutual expectations of performance.  I insist on regular 1:1 reviews in which key personal attributes and goals can be agreed, and areas of training identified and actioned.

I am able to spot potential for a senior role in a person and then structure my own input and that of the organisation to develop that person’s ability to the full.

by preferring roles for which performance-related criteria are agreed from the start

Agreement up front on the outcomes required from my participation in the business enables timescales and budgets to be set and raises commitment and confidence in all concerned parties.  My Board roles usually involve bringing greater openness and improving teamwork.

I think it is also beneficial for an organisation to know as early as possible when and why I will exit.



Mike Boughton

Mike Boughton

Mike can help your business:

by understanding the business and its market

Business planning or consultation must always be based on thorough assessment of information such as key players and their needs, the nature and growth trend of the market, key customer & competitor profiles, sales and distribution channels, and legislation & environmental requirements.

by demanding comprehensive customer relationship management

An organisation needs knowledge, skills and systems, behaviours and passion at all levels to enjoy productive working relationships with its customers.  I help managers to set up and promote the sound product and technical knowledge and the thoughtful planning and communication that are essential in building and keeping customer loyalty and respect.  This is the single biggest gateway to growth.

by improving organisational performance by encouraging staff

Working in a business is a team activity, requiring leadership to guide and inspire staff. I encourage management to provide opportunity for staff to contribute and recognition for doing so, and to invest resource and personal attention in staff members who show positive respect for learning and tangible desire to serve customers’ needs.

by raising levels of financial awareness in the business

Finance should be an integrated part of an organisation, from strategic planning, goal setting and customer relationship development to the management of financial controls and reporting. I promote active sharing of responsibility for achieving the business goals, so the right controls, measures and actions can be implemented

by building business internationally

Suppliers and customers in all parts of the world is now a ‘given’ for many businesses. Working with international customers or suppliers requires cultural differences to be observed and respect earned. I work especially hard to communicate effectively and behave good humouredly, and to remain always alert to different ways of thinking and working, and to prejudices (including my own) so that long term goodwill is created.

by promoting the benefits of the ‘family culture’

Having worked with both my father for 15 years and my brother for more than 25 years, I have extensive experience of the exceptional opportunities and the potential pitfalls associated with family businesses. The fundamentals of agreed business goals and values, clear responsibilities and effective communication must be sustained and not impacted by family issues, or themselves give rise to conflict or misunderstandings.  Meeting challenges and enjoying success from hard endeavours is hugely satisfying, especially when shared between generations in a family.