Richard's long and varied experience of directing and coaching businesses large and small, at home and abroad, have given him a unique insight and ability to help any enterprise confront challenges or drive towards objectives. Typically Richard is an active listener, confident in analysing situations and data, and skilled in building concensus for chosen solutions. When called on, he is an inspirational leader, thoughtful about pushing teams on but also celebrating success and taking people with him. He is a strong communicator and believes in appropriate strategies for recognition and reward.

 Richard has a record of leading teams through difficult transitions when pace, stamina and decisive leadership are required. Equally at home driving growth in an innovative small business or helping facilitate change in a more traditional institution, there will always be an eye on the big picture.With extensive international experience, Richard has developed strong multi cultural awareness and built a wide network of senior overseas contacts including many long standing business and personal relationships.

Martin Thomas | Former Supply Chain Board Director Molson Coors

Richard’s key skills are in bringing people together around a clear agenda and ensuring that outputs are focused on actions, roles and responsibilities. He is always mindful of the practical issues surrounding the implementation of ideas and the importance of securing active buy-in from those involved.  He is assiduous in identifying key learning from other markets and testing its relevance and applicability.  At the same time he is fully prepared to challenge conventional wisdoms in order to arrive at solutions.  While he listens closely and takes care to actively involve and engage a range of opinion, he remains focused on securing decisions that can be actioned and ensuring there is clarity around accountability for those decisions.

Mark Hastings | Director of Communications
British Beer & Pub Association

Richard worked with the British Beer & Pub Association as Campaign Director for the Sector’s Beautiful Beer Campaign.  He always demonstrated and communicated a consistent and clear passion and enthusiasm for the work he undertook throughout the programme. This was always grounded on a sound knowledge of and expertise about the product. He combined this with practical experience gained from his work in different markets around the world.

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Over the last nine months, in my capacity as President of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, I have twice participated in workshops facilitated by Richard, and on both occasions have been impressed with his obvious skills and expertise in this area.  In particular, Richard is able to call on and utilise a wide range of techniques (coaching, challenging and leading) to engage with all attendees, and enable often diverse groups of individuals to produce cogent sets of implementable outcomes.

Richard does his homework and preparations thoroughly (often from a very limited brief), sets clear expectations for the day, and maintains a good momentum.  He is an attentive listener to what is being said/fed-back, can adapt scenarios/situations accordingly, and maintain an effective discipline at the same time as encouraging a relaxed and informal atmosphere. In short he is an excellent facilitator in terms of establishing a framework and boundaries, and steering discussions and dialogue to deliver results.

Harry White | President
Institute of Brewing and Distilling

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Project management isn’t about charts, graphs and stats; it’s about getting the job done! Tasked with implementing a global business development plan, Mike focused on communications and collaboration with a practical, open-book style to deliver high quality targeted strategies suited to each region. In this challenging period for our business, Mike led the process from market and financial analysis, to management and organisation commitment and customer engagement

Peter Muzzonigro | President
Micro Matic USA, Inc.

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I have worked with Mike Boughton on a number of different business transactions over the last 25 years. Over that period, I have seen Mike successfully develop his business interests from modest beginnings to significant positions.

Mike has always been able to set challenging but realistic goals, and clearly to communicate those objectives to his team of professional advisers, in order to promote economic and effective solutions. One of Mike's key strengths is his ability to clearly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal, and to go the extra mile to make sure that all appropriate choices are fully evaluated, before deciding on the most effective way forward, for each transaction.

James Shaw | Partner