The Sanderum Story

On the island of Fyn in Denmark lies the village of Sanderum, a few kilometres from the Odense City, world famous for being the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen, the writer of children’s stories.

For us, Sanderum has always had a special significance, as it has been the home of Micro Matic A/S, a global leader in beer dispense equipment, and with whom we started our family business in 1972.

Since then, our business has evolved and taken us extensively into the global beverage and chemicals sectors, supplying products ranging from turn-key process plant, to innovative dispensing technologies, to beverage sensory management tools.

Our experiences have allowed us the opportunity to work with large and small organisations with a variety of working and national cultures, the key goal being to understand the customer need, to competently specify the product or service, and to market and distribute it through a customer-focused organisation.

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As the second generation of Sanderum, we have changed the shape of the family business to give us the opportunity of investing finance and expertise in a portfolio of vibrant new and growing businesses, and of contributing external director and consulting services into established businesses.

Our first association with Sanderum almost 40 years ago was pivotal in the start of our business and the opportunity to steer our working lives in a stimulating international environment.  We welcome sharing the knowledge and experience we have gathered working in our family business through ‘’.


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